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Baynuna Investment Company:

Baynuna Investment Company: (100% owned by Baynuna Group). Is a company created in order to facilitate the financial investment support for the group. Baynuna Investment Company practices the activities of Investments on one’s own Assets, investments and industrial projects, Real Estate Enterprises Investments, Developments, Institutions and Management.


Baynuna Defence Company:

 (100% owned by Baynuna Group) is a company established to develop a specific defence product for UAE Armed Forces.



Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA):

(40% owned by Baynuna Group). INEGMA is the first independent Middle Eastern Think-Tank specialized in Defence and Security matters. INEGMA aims to enhance knowledge and awareness about strategic defence and security issues amongst the peoples and leaders of the Middle East region, and is committed to delivering a set of unique services to enable this. INEGMA will utilize all of its capabilities and resources to improve levels of communication and interaction between East and West in favour of world peace and stability and will strive to ensure that its services and activities have a positive contribution to regional and international security. INEGMA provide governments, militaries, NGO s and Commercial companies with a range of services in defence and Security. INEGMA organize and host also prestigious Security and Defence Conferences and Exhibitions regionally and internationally with the presence of senior officials and expert speakers.

  Strategic and Global Risk Assessment (SAGRA) Center :

The Strategic and Global Risk Assessment (SAGRA) Center, is an institution that utilizes the highest level of analysis and technology in the assessment of strategic, economic and financial risks. The Center brings together world-class strategic analysts, scientists and economists, and pools their combined experience to produce highly innovative and unique simulation solutions. The multidisciplinary approach of SAGRA gives it a superior advantage in addressing complex and important economic and financial problems, by developing and implementing creative and valuable simulation solutions and services. SAGRA prides itself in working closely with its customers to address their specific problems with customized solutions that best meet their needs.


Baynuna International for Real Estate Development (BIRD)


In addition, Baynuna Group has strategic alliance and is sponsoring in UAE and GCC several world recognized companies such as:
 is a joint venture company between Baynuna Aviation Technology (51%) and the French world leader in missiles and missile systems MBDA company (49%). BMT capability lies in designing and producing missile systems to meet the whole range of current and future operational requirements Weapon System Industry for the Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Armed Forces). The company having its main activities in Missile and. BMT have a contract with the UAE Armed Forces to support Mirage 2000 Aircraft fleet.


LIG company: one of the well known Korean Constructing companies, it is a part of LG Company Family. They have started in 2007 in Abu Dhabi a Real Estate constructing and development projects. The Company's initial focus is to consider investments and assets in various real estate classes, including recreation facilities, apartments, senior housing, retail and specialized asset niches.

CITTIC Company: It is one of the biggest Chinese constructing groups, specialized in different construction of Real Estate, Infrastructure, Rail ways, port, Airport and Industrial Construction. They are the ones who have built the famous Chinese stadium where the Olympic Games are taking place this year.

SONPEC: is a Chinese petroleum company specialized in building upstream and downstream petrochemical industry projects.

L-3 Com: is an American company involved mainly in defence program, Civil Infrastructure, program and project management for mega projects. L-3 com was selected recently to take the lead for the management of the entire construction project of Djibouti-Yemen Bridge that will link the African continent to the Asian one.




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